New Waters Way (Ft. Collins) Skate Spot Construction Photos

Check out these construction photos of the new Waters Way Skate Spot in Ft. Collins. This is a city project, but all of the workers are from the Team Pain crew. The Waters Way park is located near the intersection of Trilby Rd. and Lemay Ave. The spot should be open to skate shortly after completion of construction, which looks to be very soon! Thanks to James for the photo update.

Loveland’s Planned Mehaffey Skatepark Gains 5,000 Square Feet

Loveland’s next skatepark, at Mehaffey Park, is now planned to be 5,000 square feet bigger, but will take more time to complete. The city just purchased more land for the park, which allows for more parking and bigger amenities. The skatepark was originally planned to be 10,000 square feet – now it is planned to be 15,000. The park is expected to open in the spring of 2014. Check out this article for more information.

Gunnison Skatepark Expansion Breaks Ground August 13th

Exciting news out of Gunnison! Team Pain will be constructing the large addition to the existing skatepark starting August 13th. The park expansion will include two new bowls and a street area. The community of Gunnison really came together on this project after they were not awarded the full Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) grant they were hoping for. The city and county of Gunnison and many local businesses will be making in kind donations of heavy equipment, materials and labor to stretch the budget. But, every penny counts on this one. The more money raised equals more skatepark! Let’s rally around this project and raise some cash. Go to this link to donate.